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The Armenian Observer Journal

Notes and Observations of politics, economy, sport and culture related news about Armenia

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4 October 1978
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...truth is more important than love and hate, friendship and enimosity, black and white... Armenians continuously reject this simple truth, and it has already brought about critical consequences for the country.From A Citizen's Diary

What will be covered here?

Everything Armenian! News, research, comments, photos, videos, analyses. So make sure to check back soon, or better yet - subscribe to my RSS feeds,

This blog also hosts a selected list of Armenian blogs, where we try to include all the Armenian blogs we know of. You are more then welcome to inform us of any new Armenian blogs that we have missed.

Starting from July 23, 2007 - Tesaket has also joined the Armenian Observer blog and will be cross-posting entries which can also be found on his original blog.

Please also take time to look at my Code of Ethics and the official Disclaimer.


Observer (aka Artur Papyan)

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